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This is a formatted version of my twtxt feed. I haven't yet decided how I will keep this page in sync, so it may not always display the latest tweets.

New to twtxt? Learn about it here. Having trouble finding interesting people to follow, or are otherwise curious? Here's a list of people I follow on twtxt.

2021-03-02 @ 19:12:00

Just generated a list of twtxter's I follow: - thanks @darch for the conversation that inspired the creation of this list!

2021-03-02 @ 17:21:21

Still addicted:

2021-03-02 @ 16:38:46

@prologic just a heads up, I'm getting 522 errors from I have a lot of trouble with CloudFlare where I live, so I use a proxy, which gives me slightly less but still regular errors. CloudFlare is the bane of my online existence, and I know I'm not the only one. Are there sensitivity settings you could turn down to allow reliable retrieval of tweets?

2021-03-02 @ 14:52:06

Also back listening to Spacer's channel:

2021-03-02 @ 14:50:28

@prologic Thanks for approving my pull request to jointwt/we-are-twtxt, I'm a dunce tho and added myself to the wrong list. That has been corrected, apologies for the mixup.

2021-03-02 @ 12:46:25

Just found this list of twtxt users: - love initiatives like this! You can add yourself too. Wish it automatically dropped feeds that 404 tho, and the timeline appears quite out of date.

2021-03-02 @ 12:43:17

@adi (#mdeo6uq) Thanks for the kind words and offer! I'm actually already using an internal static site generator and twtxt parser, it's just a matter of figuring out how best to link it all up. looks like a cool project tho, love the posix/minimal aesthetic.

2021-03-02 @ 12:31:57

@darch (#7ei55vq) btw, loving your site too! I've been following some of the xxiivv peeps for a while now, and seeing you on there too encouraged me to finally make a pull request and apply. Thank you for the inspiration!

2021-03-02 @ 12:29:39

@darch (#7ei55vq) I'm already generating the twtxt page of my site automatically with my static site generator + twtxt parser, but doing this with every tweet would add a huge delay. It's mostly a timing issue, and figuring out if I want twtxt tweets to update the 'last updated' status of my site etc. Minor details :)

2021-03-02 @ 12:28:33

@darch (#7ei55vq) Thanks for the kind words and feedback! Have fixed the link.

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